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"Unmanned warehouse" came! Giant technology push intelligent logistics black Technology

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Ali's "new retail" recently in the capital market set off a wave of heat waves. In July 12th, the fifth global supply chain conference was held in Shanghai, and Star Technology (002444) launched a new warehousing and logistics system, "STAR SYSTEM", which attracted the attention of many participants at home and abroad. The industry said, "no one supermarket", Ma Yun felt the pressure of unemployment to the cashier and the salesman; and superstar technology this set of intelligent logistics system, is actually a "unmanned warehouse" concept, enough to make the warehouse and sorting workers nervous.
Star technology the launch of STAR SYSTEM, including the two part logistics picking and replenishment, is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Star Technology in robot technology limited company independent research and development, intelligent logistics solutions and global initiative, known as the "solutions" logistics revolution, can significantly improve the selection efficiency of logistics, widely used the demand of modern warehouse sorting.
How to understand the superstar technology, the black technology? In brief, the traditional warehousing and logistics in China are mostly manual transportation at present. And STAR SYSTEM can be regarded as the integration of handling and sorting robot, which can replace the original manual operation. For example, if a warehouse shelves up to 7-8 layers, ordinary manual operation is more difficult, but the use of STAR SYSTEM, you do not have to worry about this problem, the operation efficiency is higher than manual operation." National robot leader Tao Yikun said.
At present, the system has been successfully deployed in the sorting warehouse of Staples, the North American office equipment giant, and is the only designated product of the Staples warehouse service logistics robot system.
Superstar technology related sources, at present, Staples put into operation the STAR SYSTEM system, located in the United States Orlando area. The implementation of the intelligent transformation of the position area of about 1000 square meters. Because this is the initial operation of Staples, so STAR SYSTEM system only in the warehouse within the 15% regional scale put into operation, the number of procurement is 34 robots. Soon, the STAR SYSTEM system will be put into operation at another 15000 square meter warehouse in Staples. Founded in 1985, Staples is the world's top 500 listed company on the US stock exchange of NASDAQ and is a leading global retailer and distributor of office supplies.
"At present, STAR SYSTEM is only a small part of the warehouse in Staples put into operation, the demand is 34 units, if the Staples global all warehouses are replaced, the demand we can own calculation." For this intelligent logistics system, superstar technology CEO Chi Xiaoheng is more optimistic. At present, Staples has more than 2100 office supplies, supermarkets and warehousing distribution centers worldwide, covering 22 countries and regions, including Staples has more than 50 large warehouses in North america.
Chi Xiaoheng said, intelligent logistics system is only a small part of giant technology intelligent equipment sector. The company's smart equipment sector has developed rapidly this year, and the logistics robot, security robot and so on in the robot industry have made significant progress. Laser measurement industry through two years of integration, this year into the harvest period, laser measuring instruments and other products have been touted by overseas customers. Smart home industry is also improving, the introduction of smart doorbell, smart light bulbs, smart locks and other new products, but also received good feedback. Integrated these feedback, the company's intelligent plate will show explosive growth in the future, this year, the company's smart equipment industry revenue accounted for the proportion of the main business will reach about 15%. (reporter Li Xiaoping)
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