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"The carton crisis" for electric double eleven wisdom logistics exam

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Original title: "the carton crisis" business for double eleven wisdom logistics exam
"With the express growth, this year eleven will be a major test of entire industry wisdom Logistics comprehensive upgrade and large-scale applications." Vice president of China Express Association and Secretary General Sun Kang said.
From the beginning of the second half of 2016, especially after November, the tide of corrugated paper prices became more and more fierce. Recently, the paper mill price letter has become increasingly diligent, the country's largest "box board base" manufacturer, Nine Dragons Paper recently raised the price of the product, which is already its fourth since August price increases.
Recent media reports, cardboard prices on the direct transmission to the electricity supplier operational level, some costs rose 75%, some warehouses increase the cost per day million level, and alternative alternatives are not many.
Why do cartons rise?
It is understood that corrugated paper is formed by hanging paper and corrugated corrugated bars processed by corrugated corrugated board. It is the raw material of the carton.
According to the National Bureau of statistics, the market price of corrugated paper in the circulation sector has experienced a "roller coaster" change this year. 1-2 months, corrugated continued 2016 rally, maintaining a high price of 4000 yuan / ton or more. March began to show a significant decline in from April 1st to 10th, the price was only 2795 yuan / ton. However, entered in August, almost three days a price, paper prices once again returned to 4000 yuan / ton above the high. The latest data show that from September 1st to 10, corrugated prices reached 4748.3 yuan / ton, is the peak since this year.
As the upstream raw material of the carton factory, the rising price of corrugated paper has directly led to the rise in the price of cardboard boxes.
At the end of June 2017 in the online purchase of the material produced by the 604050 cm of the carton, then the price is 6.66 yuan, to September 13th, the carton price rose to 10.51 yuan, and a day later in September 14th, rose to 11.58 yuan. With the material of 504040 cm size carton, 5.45 yuan from the end of June rose to 8.98 yuan in September 14th, rose respectively 74% and 65%.
At present, the industrial chain of carton production is as follows: wastepaper - paper mill - cardboard mill - carton factory. In fact, since 2017, the whole production chain has felt the pressure of supply from the source. In mid August 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the 2017 edition of the "import waste management directory", which, without sorting of waste paper from the adjustment of import restrictions prohibit the import, recycling (scrap) paper and paperboard, including special paper is also included in the list of banned". Prior to this, the waste paper mainly relies on imports, and with the waste paper imports fully contracted, the paper production is naturally limited. A waste paper recycling terminal said that now the purchase price of waste paperboard has reached 8-9 wool / Jin, double the price in the previous few months.
On the one hand is the rising prices of raw materials; on the other hand, with the increasing pressure on environmental protection, a number of paper mills have been shut down, affecting the production capacity of base paper, but also raised the base paper factory prices.
A carton producer price letter wrote:
We understand your feelings of anger, please believe that we are from the "surprise", "anger" and "helpless" to "accept" came to be, according to the national environmental protection policy in 2017 this year, there is a great increase in space base.
So analysis, it seems that because the carton raw materials prices, the current price is based on market changes made price adjustment, not for no reason the price increases.
In this regard, the world wide web technology reporter on the issue of prices to some of the electricity supplier inquiry, as of now, did not get on the price of the product itself or freight rises reply.
"Carton crisis" is also an opportunity for environmental protection enterprises"
State Post Bureau official said, according to forecasts, this year's double 11 (11.11-11.16) the industry's total handling of new orders will reach a new magnitude, is expected to exceed 1 billion.
Insiders said, "carton crisis" is causing the whole industry chain "butterfly effect."".
State Post Bureau issued the "China express field of green packaging development status and trends report" shows that in 2016 the national courier business volume reached 31 billion 280 million, more than 67% of the use of electronic surface, total consumption of about 3 billion 200 million bags, about 6 billion 800 million plastic bags, 3 billion 700 million boxes and 330 million rolls of tape.
Hebei packaging industry chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiaomei told global network science and technology reporter, "carton crisis", if you can reduce the use of cartons and excessive packaging, environmental protection is very impressive and very obvious.
And express packaging, replacement, recycling and other means are more and more large electricity supplier enterprises concerned, Suning logistics, rookie network, Jingdong is precedent. They are introduced in different ways to enhance the environmental performance of packaging.
The Jingdong responsible person said to global network reporter, to implement the concept of green logistics firm, Jingdong to upgrade carton recycling plan, Jingdong distribution brother home delivery, north of Guangzhou, the user can give their idle carton delivery staff, according to the number of cartons can obtain the corresponding Beijing beans. To support this initiative, Jingdong logistics has upgraded the Qinglong distribution system to ensure the smooth progress of the carton recycling program. Previously, the use of Jingdong turnover box instead of disposable cartons, brands two cartons recycled, the annual use of more than 100 million cartons. For this operation, training should be included for the delivery staff, development and commissioning of existing distribution systems, recycling of carton screening options for carton recycling



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